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There are Still Quiet Places

This is one of them

Privacy overlooking the picturesque Methow Valley and East Slope Cascade Mountains in Washington State

  • Permaculture Ready
  • Off-Grid Sustainability
  • Independent Living
  • Surrounded by Beauty

Begun in 1997, this finished yet still-a-work-in-progress Earthship outside of Carlton, WA is looking for a new owner.

Owner Built with Attention and Effort

Ideal for a family, individual or community who:

  • Are Interested in Sustainability

  • Dream in Permaculture Design

  • Seek Space from All the Noise

  • Desire a Life Infused by Nature

  • Like to Do Things Differently

  • Want to Test Themselves

  • Enjoy Feeling the Pace of the Earth

An Earthship is always a work in progress.

This one will appreciate a new owner with energy for the task of polishing this space and making it their own.

Thank you for your interest in our Earthship for sale

Please feel free to look through this site to get a feel for this unique land and homestead.

This Earthship and Property for Sale is represented by Mountains2River Reality in Winthrop WA.


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Earthships are like living in a painting.

You build the canvas, the sky paints the picture.


  • 20 acres atop the watershed overlooking N. Cascade Mountains

  • Functioning 0wner built Earthship, 3 U’s totaling 1,200 interior square feet

  • 60 feet of 6 foot tall south facing windows giving light all year round

  • Interior garden greenhouse space

  • Passive solar design: warm in winter – cool in summer

  • 672 sq ft insulated garage/shop with high cieling

  • Covered woodshed

  • Fruit bearing orchard eager for attention

  • Fenced garden with excellent soil ready for revival

  • Public land access in short walking distance in every direction

  • Secluded with year around access

  • Unique in every way

Represented by Mountain2River Reality, Winthrop WA.

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Travel Logistics

  • 7 miles on county dirt road from Carlton, WA (15-25 minutes drive)

  • 10-12 minutes drive from Carlton to Twisp

  • 5 hours drive to Seattle/3 hours to Spokane/2 hours to Wenatchee/40 minutes to Winthrop

  • Winter Access – county plows 5 miles, neighbors plow last 2 miles

  • 4 wheel drive is helpful here

The road provides the solitude and it is a commitment.


When White Covers the Land
  • Silence across the landscape

  • Animal tracking

  • Skiing, snowshoeing and sledding

  • Brilliant Moonscapes

At the top end of the Methow Valley’s winter cloud inversion giving many more sunny days than down in town.


South Facing Hillside Brings the Goods
  • Longer and Warmer Days

  • Bird Song Morning, Noon and Night

  • Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

With the snow gone green grass and flowers cover the land for Spring. Birdsong fills the air.


Long Hot Days with Longer Sunsets
  • Sub-Irrigated Property Stays Green into August

  • Cooler in the Higher Elevations Than Down in Town

  • Full Moon Walks Are Endless

As the heat turns up outside, inside stay comfortable with shades on the windows and earth cooled temperatures.


Fall Light in the North Cascades
  • Shortening days

  • Crisping Nights

  • Golden Hues

  • Bird and Deer Migration

  • Hunting Season

  • Firewood Preparation

  • First Rains

Then the quiet returns…


  • Alternative Energy Efficient Design Throughout

  • Warm in Winter – Cool in Summer

  • Indoor Plants Abound

  • Broad Views of Meadow and Mountains

  • Bright Open Space with High Ceilings

  • Exceptional Acoustics for Music

  • Rounded Organic Edges

  • Delightful Silence

  • Cozy Protected Feeling

  • Charming Through and Through

You can learn more about this Earthship on Facebook:

This home is represented for sale by Mountain to River Realty in Winthrop, WA.